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Our Philosophy

Body Revival is not about one way of training. Instead it’s about finding a path that suits your specific goals and needs so you can get the best results and have fun while doing it.

Body Revival provides three pathways that can be trained separately or together. Think of these training programs as three pillars that hold you up and provide a map for you navigate your health & fitness journey. And above our three training programs, lies our foundation: nutrition, which is the most important facet to getting long terms results


The backbone and foundation of BR training


The perfect generalised training for all fitness levels catering to a wide variety of goals including fat loss, strength, increased cardiovascular endurance, and overall health & wellbeing.

HIIT is comprised of the following classes. Bootcamp, boxing, body tone, functional fitness and HIIT.

Bootcamp, functional fitness, and HIIT are high intensity classes that will get sweaty, incinerate calories, and leave you feeling charged. Body tone is a beginners strength training class that is perfect to train your muscles into shape. And boxing, well, if your ready to let of some steam, turn up the heat, and have a knock-out workout, fitness boxing is for you!

Strength & Conditioning


This is a fully structured, ongoing training program designed for people who have a goal to get stronger, leaner, toned, and build good looking, well defined muscle.

This program is very scientific and we test you on your strength to make sure you get optimal results.

S&C is a “no ego” environment. The community works together, lifts together, and builds each other up. You not only get stronger physically, but also mentally, and do it next to other like minded individuals here to get stronger.



The worlds most popular functional fitness program that builds the fitness enthusiast from the ground up. Preparing our members for the unknown through developing the three key physical skills 1.) Cardiovascular endurance 2.) Gymnastics/bodyweight 3.)Strength.

Expect running, rowing, biking to train your cardiovascular endurance. Push ups, pull ups, handstands, rings and jumping for gymnastics/bodyweight. And Olympic lifting along with powerlifting for strength training. Crossfit is a rewarding and engaging fitness program that will have you wanting more and more from each session.

We Have Classes Everyday!


Nutrition is everything, but not all nutrition advice is created equal. BR truly believes that quick fixes, crash diets, and food fads are the antagonists to healthy eating. In the end, truly successful nutrition is about sustainability. Ask yourself this question: The way I’m eating right now, can I do this for the rest of my life? If your answer is no, then you have holes in your nutrition approach and you will most likely fall of the wagon.

At Body Revival our nutrition philosophy is simple:


If you submit yourself to a diet built around restriction, you may get results short term because you’re depriving yourself of carbs, fats, or proteins, but the body cannot maintain this level of restriction, so it will swing back the other way with mass cravings, which will eventually lead to binge eating and a failure to stick to a regular eating routine. At Body Revival we want you to be successful with your nutrition, so we’ve built our nutrition philosophy around that, to be successful long term.


Here at Body Revival we believe that nutrition is a huge part of successfully achieving your goals whether they be to lose weight, gain muscle or just simply to be healthier.

Our seminars are designed around specific, relevant topics for the corresponding season and are different every time. With every seminar being different, the more you come to the more you will learn!

Nutritional Seminars are held by our resident nutritionist Dani.

Seminars may include (but not limited to):

  • Taste testing
  • Guest speakers
  • Hand-outs
  • Q & A’s
  • Product knowledge
  • Latest nutrition info, news, and facts

Nutritional Seminars are held seasonally (once every 3 months).


Your Nutrition is 80% of your results! Poor nutrition will limit your ability to get some great results, therefore the importance of your eating habits in accordance to your goals is imperative.

Body Revival has our very own qualified nutritionist who can write up a personalised nutritional guide written just for you.

Benefits of the Body Revival Nutritional Guides:

  • All nutritional plans are personalised – our plans are written specifically for you with your likes/dislikes, intolerances/allergies, lifestyle and activity levels all taken into consideration.
  • Designed to be a healthy lifestyle change that is achievable and sustainable and can be used for the rest of your life.
  • Simple to understand and follow
  • Cater for the whole family
  • Recipes and a shopping list of recommended foods to purchase are provided
  • Can be updated every 6 weeks


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