1. Completely cutting out carbs is good for long term fat loss 

    This is one of the most common mistakes I hear in the fitness industry with diets like ‘keto’ and ‘no carb’ becoming some of the most popular methods for fat loss. While these diets do have their place for certain populations, completely cutting out carbs is a sure-fire way to not stick to your diet long term. The first reason for this is when you cut our carbs completely your performance goes down in the gym. If our performance is going down in the gym, it’s going to be very hard to build quality muscle. Having quality muscle on our physique is imperative to us looking actually looking appealing rather than just being skinny. Carbs also help regulate our brain function and mood, as well as allow our metabolism to run more efficiently. Without carbs, our mood is negatively impacted and it makes the process of losing weight a lot less enjoyable.

  1. You don’t need to lift heavy to build muscle 

    Another huge myth we see often hear around gyms is the fact that you don’t need to lift heavy at all to build muscle and that strength training is important for hypertrophy. Our ability to lift heavy weights especially in the 1-5 rep range will help with our ability to lift in the 5-20 rep range, the sweet spot for hypertrophy training. While we shouldn’t be in the 1-5 rep range year-round to elicit a hypertrophic stimulus, months of periods of developing max strength are extremely important to see long term growth. Bottom line is: Get stronger in the 1-20 rep range.

  1. You need to train abs every day to see your abs 

    A super common misconception when it comes to ab and core training is that we must train them on the daily to see any results, with extremely high rep ranges. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and our abs respond to training just like any other muscle; training them hard, with appropriate frequencies (1-4 time per week) and allowing rest time will elicit the most gains possible. Make sure adequate protein amount are being reached too, and your abs will thankyou once they actually start growing.